Especially for you

December 1st is WORLD AIDS DAY
"Important things to important people"

for you.

What is "Especially for you"

It seems to be important though it is important thing about HIV / AIDS, it seems to be difficult, it is troublesome, irrelevant, uninteresting ...
We guess so many people are surely there.

But since we want you to know it,
We wanted to tell you to put that feeling in "Haco" and hand over the present.

"Especially For You" is a message that is a variety of projects that young creators in Fukuoka and Haco collaborate to send and send.
May this message reach you, your precious person.

Do you know the meaning of the RED RIBBON?

RED RIBBON is a tradition that is passed down to Europe from long ago, and represents a memorial feeling for those who were originally unable to complete their lives due to illness or accident.

This REDRIBBON began to be used for AIDS is about 1990 when AIDS became a social problem in the United States.
About this time, AIDS spread to New York artists who are active in theater and music, and the number of people who died of AIDS increased.
To express the memorial feelings for those fellows and the intention of understanding and support for those suffering from AIDS, the movement that symbolized the RED RIBBON began.

This movement has developed as a global movement crossing the border by people who sympathize with that idea, and it is also adopted as a symbol mark of UNAIDS (United Nations Joint AIDS Project).
The RED RIBBON is a message that you will not discriminate people living with AIDS who are not prejudiced on AIDS.
from (API-Net AIDS Prevention Information Network

Especially for you 1st shot

hacoSHA! vol.16 ~Especially for you~

November 4, 2017(Sat.)15:00 ~ 23:00
Haco [MAP]

The event "HacoSHA!" "Nanten Flower Classroom" being held occasionally at Haco collaborates with Haco.
Cameraman will shoot with a red background along with a bouquet with the theme of "Red Ribbon".
Also, photos taken at this time hacoSHA! Will be exhibited at Haco from 1st December (Fri.).

hacoSHA!16 hacoSHA!16

Especially for you 2nd shot

MARKS × Haco T-shirt Sale

November 5, 2017(Sun.)10:00 ~ 17:00
Reisen Park at Hakata-Ku [MAP]

MARKS produced a red striped pocket T shirt image of a red ribbon.
Two colors of navy and heather gray expansion, the size is from S to XL.
Prior to selling on Rainbow Pride on November 5.

After 5th day, it will be ordered on the website.

hacoSHA!16 hacoSHA!16

Especially for you 3rd shot

"Especially for you" Photo Exhibition

December 1, 2017(Fri.) ~ December 23, 2017(Sat.)
18:00 ~ 22:00 *Opens at Thu. ~ Sun.
Haco [MAP]

We will exhibit photos taken with "hacoSHA!" On November 4th.
For visitors, a message card produced by Nanten Flower Classroom and provided by
Jex Corporation ( ) We will give you a set of condom and lotion.

World AIDS Day Memorial Film Screening at Haco

December 1, 2017(Fri.)20:00 ~

PrEP17 - The coming of age of PrEP (with Japanese subtitles)
Co-organized: NPO corporation Rainbow Soup(

hacoSHA!16 hacoSHA!16

Especially for you 4th shot

comming soon...